New excitement

Hey y’all!!

I haven’t been doing a ton of painting lately, but I have gotten a few things done! I finished up a nighthaunt guy, repainted a Hulk to be blue (everything must be blue in the Tiny Overlord’s home), a gnome sign, and some more terrain for warcry!

I’ve also continued to work on my green thumb! Got a Monstera cutting and a big planter box done! I’ve got about 30405 succulents going now, so I’m gonna have to start finding them new homes. lol

I also made some fun shirts for our providers to wear for Thanksgiving. I tried out the bleach thing, and it was pretty fun! It literally involves just spraying the shirts with bleach. lol

On that note, I have a gross picture to share. Fair warning, it’s gross. Keep scrolling if you’re not into gross medical stuff. I pulled this out of a patient’s ear last week!!! It came out like a ribbon. 😀

Anyways, that’s pretty much my excitement currently. I’m hopeful to get some more time to paint here soon. We shall see, as usual. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I’m excited to hang with the family and chill!!

Let me know what you think!!


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