About Me


Hi there! I’m Jessi Evans, aka Marineal. 

I started painting approximately 15 years ago, but I’ve only painted seriously for probably 5 years of that time. I started with Warmachine and Warhammer, moved to painting all our D&D minis, and then it really got out of hand when my husband (the Great Bearded One) found a Vampire box on ebay. It’s all been downhill from there, and now I just give Reaper my paychecks directly. 🙂 But for real, I will paint anything. I started painted some busts this last year and really enjoyed the different scale, I enjoy terrain (really!), and do the occasional diorama. I have entire boxes of basing materials and minis that I’m always trying to thin out. Seriously though, who can throw away tiny little bits of cork?!

I take the occasional commission (contact me at marinealrose@gmail.com), finally finished my Master’s Degree (aren’t we all relieved to not have to hear about that anymore!), and plant tiny plants that take up large amounts of space. 

In the end, I’m just a girl who likes to paint and hang with the GBO and our Tiny Overlord. I work too much, talk too much, and complain a lot. 🙂


Have an opinion? Let me hear it!

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