And believe me, I am still alive…


I know, I know. I’ve gotta get better at this. To be honest, I haven’t painted a ton lately, and I’ve just been unmotivated to post as well. My very ancient laptop has reached a whole new level of awful, but since I only use it to post here and to order groceries, it’s hard to justify a new one… lol.

I was very pleasantly surprised by Reaperconline! I had a lot more fun than I thought I would, and I got to hang out with a lot of new people! I even won 2 Showcase awards for Chloe and Spring. 😀 That was exciting, and I really enjoyed getting to spend more money at reaper’s website. lol

They also had a 4 color challenge, which was fun! This was my little guy.

We have started painting some of our (shamefully large) warcry collection, finally. I have the entire starter box assembled and primed, the next step is to actually paint them! I wanted to make sure that my primer actually worked, so I started just basecoating one mini tonight. So far, so good!

We’ve been doing a lot of other things in the time I haven’t been painting though! Lots of baking with my Tiny Overlord! First is a yellow cake with a pumpkin cheesecake filling and pumpkin pie cream cheese icing. I made it for my friend, and she said it was a big hit! A peanut butter and jelly ice cream pie that has a crunchy, Ritz cracker crust that was absolutely amazing. And halloween cookies with the boy. He loves baking!

Then we made a jack-o-lantern.

A few weeks after Reapercon, I saw a post on the forums that said that if you wanted a paint color that they no longer made, you could order it. The catch was that you had to order 10 bottles at $5 a piece. To get Spruce Green, I would have paid it twice. Lol. So I placed my order straight away, and I was super super excited!! I have already used it on a few things. I love it so much.

That’s about it for now!! I expect to be painting more Soon(TM). We shall see.

Let me know what you think so far!!


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