Chloe and Musings

Hey! So, I keep putting off posting (why?!), and that means I have a lot of stuff to post (yay!). I received and finished Chloe from Drakae minis, and I just absolutely love her. Also, Reaperconline starts this week, and I have mixed feelings about that. Also, I love my new job, and I’m exhausted. I need a break from covid. Anyways!

This is Chloe!!!! I love her so much. I took a few WIP shots, but I ended up painting her so fast that it wasn’t a lot. I did try some fun skin on her. I wanted her to look like a deer fawn. I think I managed to capture it!

I wanted to get pictures with both a warm light and a cool light just to show what a difference it can make! This is why you’ll see a bunch of people that photoshop their pics (or photograph them) onto a flat, black background. I am super partial to my Hangar 18 backdrops, so I just stick with them. But this is literally the same everything, I just turned on a warm light with the second picture. Crazy, right?!

Then she’s finished! I need to figure out how to increase the contrast on hands. They scare me. But otherwise, I’m super happy with her! I hope y’all like her!

I have a lot of people ask me about scale when I post different pictures. So, I got one with a water bottle! These are my latest models that I would have taken to reapercon if it was happening. Speaking of reapercon, I’m definitely disappointed that we’re not packing up to go tomorrow. I’m not a very big discord fan in general, so I’m not holding much hope for feeling involved at all. I did manage to finangle Saturday with a babysitter and the Hubs out of the room… So I may be able to participate on Saturday, but that may be all. 😦 I hope y’all are able to get more out of it than I am. And I’m certainly looking forward to next year.

I entered Sophie into the ‘eavier metal competition, but man… that is a whole different level of painting. lol. Hopefully I can get my little astronauts done by the 23rd. I also have the Chaos Toad for the reaper FB page. Hoping to get some motivation to do more painting! OH! And I got Bies from ignis art. I just need them to do a subscription. lol

Anyways, hope y’all are having fun and staying safe! Let me know what y’all think!


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