Quick update!

Somehow having more time at home means I have less time…. How did that happen?! I hope you’re all safe and wearing a mask and washing your hands. Like, for real.

I’ve gotten a few things done since I updated, but nothing crazy. We started playing Middara (finally!!!). If you’re not familiar, it’s a miniature boardgame. We actually backed it before we got pregnant, but due to delays, we didn’t get it until after our baby’s first birthday. By that time, we had no opportunity to play for hours at a time. Shortly thereafter, we had a mobile toddler, so we had no way to leave a board up for several days at a time. Lol. The game has a log feature, but it still takes time to pack up and unpack to play.

Anyways, we finally got to try it out today! After playing for a few hours that we really enjoyed, we decided to call it for the night. But I couldn’t leave all the wonderful minis naked! So I grabbed a few that I could batch paint and chunked some paint on them. After about an hour’s worth of cleaning, and a other of painting, I had 6 painted cave sickles!

They’re horrible little poison monsters. So they have green gubbins on the back, and look like rocks otherwise. I’ll work on some of the others sometime soon, hopefully.

I also got plaques made for my busts. Pro tip: just go to a trophy store and ask them to make plaques for you. I spent about $60 and 3 hours of time getting all the stuff to try and make my own, and it ended up costing me $9 to just get them made.

So yeah. Don’t be like me. Lol

Lastly, I got my order in from FeR minis! I’m super excited to paint Spring.

Hope y’all enjoyed the update! Hopefully I’ll be able to do more soon! Be safe! Take care of each other!


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