Lesza, complete!

Y’all. I finished a lot of stuff this week!

Took my state boards, and PASSED! So I’m officially a nurse practitioner. That’s pretty exciting. Now to find a job. 🤣🤣

And I finished up Lesza!

Because of Covid, I don’t have any of my plinths in yet, so I’ll have to plinth her up another day. But here she is! In all her glory!

The bugs are supposed to be beetle-y with the outer wings being lighter than the underwings and body. Hope that translates to pictures.

I also really enjoyed painter her wooden arm, so here’s some more close-ups of that

I hope y’all enjoyed her! She is a gorgeous sculpt, and a true joy to paint. Let me know what y’all think!


4 thoughts on “Lesza, complete!

  1. She looks fantastic, great work! Apart from the amazingly smooth skin you always achieve, I particularly like the colouring on the antlers, her deep gaze from those green eyes and the wooden arm effect.

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