Lesza in ONE PIECE!

Y’all. I got all the pieces together!!! lol. I am so excited.

I tend to assemble as I go, because I don’t want to have to finangle to reach something. But I have reached the point on her where anything else I need to work on is reachable with all the pieces on!! 😀

wp-15894848429773065601857472053827.jpgI’m still working on… everything… and I’m still waiting for her actual plinth to come in from Spain. That will help her be much more stable than the paperclip she’s currently on. lol.

I took some grayscale shots to eye up my contrast, and I think it’s almost there. I do think that I have managed to blend back most of the belly highlights/shadows, so I’ll have to go back and put those back in. But mostly, I’m pretty happy with where everything is going. I want the dragonfly to be a pretty bright blue one, and I’m still not sure what color I’m going to make the beetles. The boxart has some awesome firefly effects, but I’m not sure I can pull off the OSL.


Finally, the last updated shots for the day. I still need to pull out those old pictures and make my leaves a little more diverse. I don’t even know what the cool, feathery looking leaves are supposed to be.

Let me know what you think!!



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