More work on Lesza

Hey y’all! 

I hope you’re all staying safe and sound at home! We’ve been having a great time with the Tiny Overlord. And I’ve been studying my little hiney off. I have my test scheduled, and I am super excited about it. As of now, it looks like the Great Bearded One will be able to join me, so that will be a little bit of stress relieved. Since nothing around here is open, and everyone else is trying to schedule their test too, I’m driving about 4 hours to take my test at a site that is open. The plan is, go up the day before, relax, and go take the test the next morning. Then come home TRIUMPHANT! That’s the plan. 🙂

So, I’ve been continuing work on Lesza. She is a harsh lady. I like her, but I usually paint prettier things. I don’t mean that she isn’t pretty, but just that she doesn’t feel nice and soft to me. I feel like she’s the disapproving druid of the Forest of Fangorn when Saruman starts to burn it down or something. 🙂 I got her wooden arm mostly done. I always reserve the right to fiddle with it more. 🙂

I ordered a plinth for her, but this is what I have for now. I am working on really getting her skin leveled up. I feel like I’ve been making strides with all the busts I’ve been working on, and I’m trying to push outside where I’m comfortable. I have always heard to take your contrast until you’re uncomfortable, then one step further. So, let me know if you think I’m there yet! We’ve started going blonde, but as any brunette knows, it takes stages. 

Alright, last step for the night. I fit the antlers to see if I liked the way I was going on them, and I do. So, more blending and work on them, and they will be done. I also started blocking in the highlights and shadows on her hair. I have been told to paint it like lasagna, not spaghetti. 🙂


I’m going with a deep blue for her hood at this time, I may change it later, but I like the idea of not just brown and green. I want to paint her like spring, very bright, vibrant green. Because even if she is the druid of a forest that is being destroyed, she would still be green and growing. It makes sense to me. lolwp-15873514301827760671136392047718.jpgI hope y’all enjoyed her! I’m loving working on her, and I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she’s all done. 

Let me know what y’all think!



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