Lesza WIP

Hey y’all! Since we’re still in quarantine mode, and I can’t sit for my exam until the sites open, we’ve been playing and painting! We got the pool up yesterday, but then it got chilly…. So the Tiny Overlord just about froze today when he demanded that we get in. Lol.

We’ve been in the sandbox, we’ve been riding the bike, we’ve been cleaning everything. I think my house has been completely cleaned three times so far. Good thing I have a toddler to help mess it back up. 🤣🤣I also sorted all the Legos by color. Did you know they make 2.5 gallon ziplocs??

Anyways! When TO goes to bed, and the Great Bearded One is playing mount and blade 2, I get to paint! This is Lesza, and I love her.

For my prep work, it actually took a while. She had a pretty significant mold like all over her face and neck down into her chest. It was pretty frustrating to clean up, but I managed with a little needle file and some ‘ardcoat.

I also had some issues with her antlers. The mold looks like it didn’t fill all the way on either set. So, I shaved then down to make them work. I did this on both antlers, but only thought about taking pics of one.

Just to give you an idea of what she entails, here’s all her pieces.

So, anyways! Here’s what I got accomplished tonight. I’m pretty happy with the hazel arm. There’s a little bit of PVA glue that wasn’t quite set when I took the picture, but it will dry and then be painted over as a small gap filler. lots more work to do on her, but this is where I’m stopping for the evening.

Hope y’all like her! Just go brag on a different note, I took a predictor exam today, and I got an 81! Considering 70 is passing, I’m stoked with that! Today marks the end of all of my classes, and the end of my college career. My degree isn’t officially conferred until 5/16, but I AM DONE. Officially, finally, for real.

Also, I painted this little guy the other day. He’s the companion for a Sophie, but I love him more than I love her. Lol

Let me know what y’all think!


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