Avoiding Studying…

I mean, painting! Right?

Real picture of me studying. wp-15881785909701000452792494429744.jpg

Anyways.. I did some painting! And I finished my degree and scheduled my boards. So that’s terrifying exciting. 🙂 I finally got to send these out. :D:D:D:D:D


I worked some more on Lesza’s horns. I’m imagining them as aged found horns. They’re obviously not hers, because she’s a “she”… But I want them to have a feel that they’ve been handled a lot and stained from wear and hand oils. Real antlers are significantly lighter than these, so that’s the explanation. I’ll do some more blending back and forth and some more shading/ highlighting, but this is the vein I’m working in. And I have to decide on a theme for the little bugs! They’re all over her, so I want them to be something fun.

wp-15880187684263761456597881139737.jpgI worked some more on her skin and her ivy. I’m really going with bright and vibrant greens on her. I want her to really feel ‘forest-y’. And since she’ll be based on a plinth (that I ordered, should be here soon with another bust!!!! :D), I won’t have a base to add more green to her. I really want her to just sing green.

So that’s my progress so far. I’ve been studying, playing with the Tiny Overlord, and trying to get into bed at 10 every night, so I haven’t had as much time as I would like to paint, but joy comes in the morning! I’m almost there. I’m super lucky to have my mom and dad to watch the TO today while I study. I keep telling myself that if I can get a certain amount of studying done, I can go paint. But I might nap. lol

Oh, I also got this amazing book!! I’m not classically trained in anything (seriously, I learned to sew, bake, sing, and paint by just being stubborn… lol). I need more resources than some that are. wp-15881785900203799502080828508806.jpg

So far it’s super cool! I definitely think I can learn a few things about planning and composition. I’m not a big planner, and that bites me a lot. I am not a sketcher, so I get frustrated by trying to draw something, so I just start on something and then shove it a little when I need something moved. 🙂 It always works, but it might save me some heartache if I just planned…

Anyways, hope y’all are staying safe and sane!!! Let me know what you think and if there’s anything you have questions about, feel free to ask me here or send me an email!



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