Office redo!

With all the coronavirus craziness, the Great Bearded One is going to have alternating weeks of working from home and working at work. He needed more space in the office, so I finally moved into the other room. We had been kind of holding off, but things are what they are, so I moved! I’m actually super excited about it.

The desk doesn’t look much different. Just have the paint racks on the desk instead of the wall for the moment, and no overhead led anymore. I’m not sure it was doing a whole lot anyways. The most exciting part is the storage.

We had an old ikea chest of drawers that wasn’t being used, so I packed it full of basing mats! Lol.

Top drawer is busts and misc. Things I want to paint sooner rather than later, fancy stuff. 😁

Second drawer is all basing “stuff”. Trees, rocks, bark pieces, aquarium plants, mouse bones, leaves, leaf litter, ad nauseum.

Third drawer is the base of the basing mats. Like, bases, clay, mosaic stones, water effects, glue plasticard, that kind of stuff.

I put my tablewar case in one of the cubbies, it fit perfectly! The bin on the top left is full of wood. Like, for real.

I also have a pink tote that is full of being stuff…. But like, for travel. 🤣🤣 It’s quick and easy stuff to use if I’m on the move.

So, yeah! Then I just basecoated some stuff on this guy. He’s my next project!

Let me know what y’all think! Here’s hoping for more time to paint and more updates!


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