Urban Legend Sophie Completed!

Hey y’all!!

I AM DONE WITH MY MASTER’S PROGRAM! I AM SO EXCITED! I AM HAVING TROUBLE CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE! But for real, I did my last check off tonight, so now I just have to wait for the testing sites to open back up (stupid covid..) and then I am done for real!

Anyways, that means I have had tons more time for painting! So, here she is, in all her boobylicious glory.

I sincerely enjoyed painting her. I definitely need to do more skin, but I think it’s starting to stick! I won’t claim that my metals are good, but they’re definitely better than they were before starting her. I have to work more on hair as well. Apparently all my shiny surfaces need work. 🙂

wp-15853694153683819195484873027179.jpgLet me know what y’all think. Like, for real. Do the green boots still work? Or ditch them? I’m going to make a plaque for her base as soon as my engraving tool for my cricut comes in.

Anyways, y’all stay safe. Do your social distancing, don’t overload the ER, chill at home with your family. Maybe ride your bike?! We’ve been having a ball with the Tiny Overlord in his fancy new “blue race car”. (it’s a bike trailer). wp-15853707734536268085878921946976.jpgBut yeah, do those things. Hopefully Reapercon will still be on!

Let me know what you think I should work on next! I have tons of busts, and an obscene amount of Reaper minis.



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