Crash: the cat burglar bust

Hey y’all!

Got some more painting in today after the Tiny Overlord went to bed. I also managed to type up my paint inventory during nap time. It’s pretty crazy. Also, I need to buy more pure black paint. I have coal black, nightshade purple, nightmare black, and black green, but only half of a pure black. 🤣🤣

Anyways, I continued my work on the cat burglar. He’s based on a recurrent d&d character named Crash. He’s a second story man that earned his name during his younger (more inexperienced)years. 😁 I love this bust, and I hope I can do it justice! These are WIP shots, so keep looking for more!

I like to take black and white shots when I’m looking for hard contrast. Since he’s a bust, this is all the skin I’ve got to work with, so I need it to be spot on. I also love that this effect made him look like someone out of fallout. 😁

Here he is in color. I love ezren blue. It’s my new favorite blue. I haven’t decided what textures I’m going for in the leathers and cloak yet.. and I always block things out with walnut brown, so that rope is going to be seriously highlighted.

I went ahead and loaded him onto his plinth. He has a little bit of a “handle” on his mount, but I was afraid I was gonna snap it off. So, onto the plinth he went! This is actually the other half of the plinth that Sophie is on. This gives me a good handle for him, and allows me to photograph him a little more steadily. I’ll add a layer of pva at some point and obscure that seam between him and the base.

Let me know what y’all think!


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