Building a base

Hey y’all! Got Sophie’s wings pinned on, got most of her painting done, now I’m moving onto the base!

I wanted to go for a hellscape that wasn’t red. So, like a cold one, but not snowy. It was a specific look. Lol. I hope it reads to y’all.

This is where I started. I had some milliput chunks that were left over from some other project. I kept looking at them,and I could never throw them away. I’m glad I didn’t now! I also had some bark chunks, and a wooden plinth that the Great Bearded One cut for me. It was twice that tall, which was too tall for me.

After some work with some coarse modeling paste, rocks, bits, and cursing. We ended up here. I wanted to give it different elevations without having any huge rocks that would obscure all that skin I painted!

After a wash with watered down pva and some black primer, it was ready to….dry. I have no patience for the setting process, and that’s when I usually mess things up there. So, I used my blow-drying brush (since I don’t have a real blow-dryer anymore) and it actually worked well. Since it doesn’t have a real direction it blows, it didn’t knock anything a weird direction.

After all that, this is where I ended up. Usually this is when I would add a bunch of foliage and greenery. But this is a dead, frozen hellscape, remember? No plants. Whew. That was hard, not gonna lie. Decided to go skills instead.

Testing fit. Honestly, not loving the green croc boots anymore… Considering losing those. What do you think? They’re a little bit distracting because they’re the only green thing. Let me know. Like, for real. 😁

Finished product for now! Got some touchups to do, the sword, and her stupid hair. So, let me know what you think! I have 3 weeks before I can take my state boards because of all the virus nonsense,so I will be doing more studying… Might be a bit of a break, but gonna try and find some balance!

Y’all stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Building a base

  1. The base turned out great and sets off the model very well. Without the wings I would have agreed that the croc boots don’t work too well, but now they are a nice bit of contrast to the red wings and work as a sort of visual transition with the base.

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