Sophie WIP continues

Hey y’all! Quick note about Covid. Please stay home and safe. Watch out for your vulnerable family members and friends. Love each other. If you feel lonely, go chat up the reaper forums (they’re super amazing), hit me up, go for a walk. This social distancing thing really does work, but don’t isolate yourself into a frenzy. Wash your hands, and stay safe! Now that that’s over …

Reminder of what we’re working on.

Still working on this Sophie. I felt like the wings weren’t quite working, so I phoned a friend again. 🤣 He agreed that it wasn’t working, and so I started again!

He also had some great advice,”all leather doesn’t have to be brown”. While I know this in my head, sometimes I have a rut I fall into. It’s called walnut brown, muddy brown, ginger cookie with a seraphim sepia wash. 🤣 But I decided to go texture-y on the leg pieces (greaves?) And try for a crocodile print. Let me know if it works for y’all!

I think it works! I probably have some fine tuning to go, but I like the idea. I also started working on the back of the wings. I’m really trying to get this shading/highlighting/light direction thing down. I think it is starting to click!

I hope you can see from this angle. I can’t attach the wings yet, so it’s hard to get a picture of them. The left wing is straight up and down in her back, so I used classical zenithal highlighting. The right wing is extended, so the shadows and highlights play differently. They’re weird. But I think I got it! This is gothic crimson with dark elf shadow, then gothic crimson, then briar rose. Every now and then I throw in some nightshade purple for super shadows. On the other side, I started trying something new.

Same colors, but I was going for a watercolor-look. I also threw in some clear magenta at the very top. Still a WIP, but I’m happy with the saturation.

All together for effect! Still have to figure out what I’m doing with the hair and the metal, but I’m definitely getting there and liking it!! I also have no idea how I’m going to base her. Lol

Y’all let me know what you think, and what you’re working on! Stay safe and take care of each other!!


4 thoughts on “Sophie WIP continues

  1. I’m obsessed with this one, those WINGS and those GREAVES are phenomenal! Way to go, and all in your spare time while rocking being a mom and I’m school. You’re amazing.

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