Reapercon begins now!(NSFW pics!)

So, I’ve struggled with posting this. I think I may be giving myself too much credit, but I don’t want anyone stealing my idea and doing it better! Lol. They announced that there will be a Sophie-only contest this year, and I decided it was time to paint my Urban Legend Sophie.

I bought this mini probably 10 years ago. When she came to me, she was wrapped up in a red plastic and then put in the bag. She didn’t even get a box! Lol. I’ve painted her (and stripped her) 2 or 3 times, and never felt like I could really tackle her. However, after my success with NMM, I know that I can grind out a skill if necessary. Also, I have several months before I have to turn her in!

Last thing before pictures, I finish my clinicals TOMORROW! TOMORROW Y’ALL! I am so so so so so excited. After that, it’s just a matter of taking my boards and going to graduation! So yeah. I should have time to paint then!

Alright! Here’s my WIP shots of her. There are boobies, prepare yourself! There’s a lot of pictures too, because I really wanna get the skin down.

First day. I like to block my minis so I can see where I need skin and where there will be something else. It also takes care of the first round of lining.

Day 2. Started on the leather, and working more on the skin. I saw a super cool sketch on Tiny DiTerLizzi’s Facebook page the other day, and I loved the wing pattern. I knew that’s what I wanted hers to look like that. So this is the first round.

Day 3. More skin, and did her eyes. I can’t stand a mini without finished eyes. I also decided that she should have green eyes. I want to make the back of her wings a really deep crimson red, so green will contrast with that.

I took some black and white pictures to see the contrast. I am gonna keep pushing it and adding more colors to her shadows, etc. But I’m super happy with where were starting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peek of my Urban Legend Sophie for Reapercon. Stay tuned for more! Also, send me all your helpful skin tutorials!


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