Corvus Cabal, Completed

Hey there, party people! I hope y’all are doing well. I just finished up my busiest month of clinicals, and I’m looking at the very quick downward slide to finishing this masters’ program! I know y’all are excited to stop hearing about it!

I said in January that my goal was to paint at least 12 minis, at a rate of 1 a month. I didn’t finish anything in February, but I did finish 2 minis in January.. Maybe that counts? On March 1st, I got a chance to sit down and paint some stuff, so let’s do that first.


I got a whole 3 hour nap out of the Tiny Overlord, so I managed to finish up the cabal!!! 😀 It was my goal to finish them up, because they were all at between 50-80% done anyways. I think they prove the usefulness of contrast paints in that I was able to knock this out so much more quickly than I would have been able to otherwise. I think they look pretty cool! And, there’s 9 of them, so I can count March done, for sure. lol

I also had some other cool crafty stuff that I got finished up this week. I have a baby shower on Saturday, and I forgot that I was going to make her a blanket… So I crocheted a blanket in 5 days. It was a serious marathon. I also made 3 onesies for them.

I’m super happy with the way the blanket turned out, and I crack myself up with the onesies. I’m sure they’ll love them. We also went to the beach, and I took an awesome pic of the Great Bearded One and the Tiny Overlord.


So that’s that for now! I have another blanket started for another friend, and I have ONLY 2 CLINICAL SHIFTS LEFT, Y’ALL!! OMG. OMG.

Maybe I’ll be able to paint soon. We’ll see. (If I forgot to mention it, I got my Reapercon tickets and our hotel room booked, yay!)

Let me know what y’all think!



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