Working on lot of things!!

I think I have about 10 entries planned for Reapercon…. :S

  1. LJ&C diorama (diorama)
  2. Meremaid diorama (open)
  3. Darksword diorama – woodland critters
  4. Darksword single mini
  5. x2 🙂 can’t decide on 2 DS minis
  6. Tiger Lily Pug
  7. Bombshell mini
  8. A Chibi mini
  9. Serenity diorama

I want to take advantage of the manufacturer’s contests, and I fell in love with a bunch of minis now that I have time to paint again! So, anyways, here’s what I’ve been up to!

I found a board game for Serenity… So I figured I’d paint up the crew. 😀
They each had an ‘action’ pose and a relaxed pose. But Mal’s head was super off in scale. So I cut his action head off, and stuck it on the relaxed mini. heh

Seriously, look at the size difference!

Yay! All put together. 

Then onto the Khornates. Great Bearded One wants to play AoS (again.. lol) so we’re painting minis. We decided to sit down once a week and paint together. I told him not to expect anything but a super basic, mostly embarrassing, level of painting on these guys. So don’t look too closely. They don’t even have eyes. lol

Bought a giant block of wood to try out for the LJ&C. We’ll see what they end up on. Just trying out placement at this point. They look too dynamic for a nice, sit down dinner. So I figured they should be outside defending their cake. 🙂

And I finished my first Bones 4 model. I love this little guy!!! I’m working on the D12 currently.

We have a lot going on with clinicals and that whole, “needing sleep” thing. So, I will hopefully be able to update more often. We had an awesome weekend last weekend where we went to Corpus and hung out at an awesome GW store with some awesome guys. We got a bunch of goodies from there, so they should be making their way here eventually. The GBO is currently installing more shelves in the nerd room so we can actually unpack all of our minis/terrain/whatnot and have it displayed again.

I think I already posted the pics of what he did for my desk, but if I didn’t I will post them with the new shelves. I’m super excited about them. Oh! And I ordered a new paint rack that spins and holds 60 bottles. The current shelf I have only holds like 36 or 40, and the foot print is significantly larger. I’m hoping that this will help as well.

Anyways, hope y’all are having a happy Memorial Day. Thanks to anyone who lost their life for our nation, and their families.



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