Legion of Justice and Caeke WIP

Hey there!

I got Frumitty in, and Echidnox should be here tonight!! I’m so excited! It’s been fun to have a project again. It keeps me motivated!

Also, the Great Bearded One built me shelves, so I had to reorganize. When I did that, I went through my shelf of shame.

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff! I went through it and decided to strip at least half of it. Also, bones don’t strip well with simple green. Open to suggest up on that.

So, then I started working on the other minis.

Putting them in these has worked so well! I can close them back up and use the base as a handle! I love it!

Anyways, further work!

I love the way they’re looking! There’s not a ton of fabric, so I’m trying to make their fur a little different. Gonna be a lot of brown. Lol

I want Frumitty to look like Mort from King Julien. The Teenager used to love madagascar, so I’m very familiar with him. 😁

Otters are GBO’s favorite animals. So I have to make sure I get him right. I love looking at pictures of otters anyways, so I have a bunch of reference material. 😁

So, that’s my fun! I’ll take my test for the week tomorrow, so I should be able to paint this weekend!!

Let me know what you think!


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