More Progress!

I have had time to paint! It has been marvelous!!

I have another high roller on my desk, he’s my little fun guy. Just something to work on while the competition pieces dry. 🙂

Finished Frumitty! I’m calling him completely done. He has a little bit of an extra glare on this picture, but i think you get the point. 

He has strawberries in his pocket!!!! I love it! 

I used the Briar Rose, Gothic Crimson, and Burgundy wine paints on this guy. A few deep shadows got some Nightshade Purple as well. 

Then Platypod was done as well! I think he’s my favorite. 

The stars are supposed to look embroidered. I keep resisting going back and touching them up any more. I may still do some more work on his flippers, but I’m gonna finish the others first. That way I know I’m not just stalling. 

I’m working on the whole “glass jar” effect on both of them. I think it’s mostly working. May go tweak that too. 

And this guy got finished up as well! I love him. I think I posted pictures of him, but I hadn’t done them with the fancy camera.. So here he is again!

I started on the LJ&C base. Here I am, regretting not buying the already done mosaic. lolUnder my desk you can see the overflow ‘basing’ area. I have 2 entire boxes full of stuff. I just can’t help it. I have to HAVE ALL OF IT. But seriously, if you need something, call me. 😀

Sleep when the baby sleeps, my ass. lol. Gotta get this stuff done! So you blow dry when the baby sleeps!!! Don’t mind the modge podge of stuff under the rocks. I was trying to get a ‘rolling hills’ effect. This is where it starts! Rocks and stuff. At this point, I will mention that I should have gone with milliput. I own that and green stuff, but it didn’t occur to me to use it until I had this mushy mess that I was trying to shape. And let me tell you, wet stuff does NOT shape well. lol. I could have saved myself the trouble if I had used milliput instead of heavy texture paint. Don’t be like Marineal. Then there was more!

And then, like magic! A wild base appears!

I put a bunch of different rock and rubbish in there as material savers. I think it worked out pretty well. 

The side looks like a rice crispy treat. Do not eat. Sand does not taste good.

Seriously though.. It looks delicious.

Last side view.

Top down! I worked some more on the texture and movement. I didn’t want just a flat plain. 

Testing out placement! The front of the plinth is useless because I made the slope too steep! D’OH!

Then I got an hour or so to work on it, and it turned green! This layer is drying, it’s by no means done. But I am pretty happy with the cobblestone road. 

Different configuration, thinking it will be something like this when it is done.

I added a rock on top of the other front rock so something can stand on it. But I didn’t take a picture of it. It should be dry about now, so I’m planning on working more on that when the Tiny Overlord goes down for his next nap. He should be waking up soon, so that’s pretty much it for today. 

But one last thing; I found a 4-leaf clover on our walk this morning! It made my day. 😀

Hope you have an awesome one too!!!

Let me know what you think!



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