Meremaid work!

I Worked on some actual painting! I’m very happy with it! I’m almost ready to call her done, with a few adjustments. I’d love to hear any suggestions!

I went with dots!! More dots!

Then GBO decided her belly should be yellow. Yellow it became!

I worked on her face and added some spots to her belly to ease the transition.

I painted her crown bronzeish, and plan to age it pretty considerably. I have some netting type stuff I may add as a kind of veil, we’ll see.

I also went ahead and left her as a brunette. I think it works rather well! Hair is not something I’ve ever been comfortable with, but I think it works. I’m happy to hear other opinions though!

I’m going to do her bra in a kind of weathered leather look. The wrappings on her arms and tail are supposed to look linen-ish. I don’t love the shell, since it’s not terribly swampy. So I’m planning on making it look like her weapon. Several of the skulls in her hoard have big chunks missing, so I’m playing it that she’s a fan of blunt force trauma.

I glued down the bridge and laid the first coat of PVA to the whole base. When I tried my practice pour for this, there were lots of bubbles trapped under stuff. I’m going to do another test where I seal it with PVA and see if that negates the issue.

Last thing I need to do with the actual base is figure out how she fits in, get her in, and mask the transition. Also, any suggestions for the place whede the air dry clay separated from the plastic base? Or how to make it not pull away so much?

I didn’t work anymore on the guy tonight. I’ll work some more on him tomorrow probably.

Hope y’all like it!


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