Cleaned up the desk, and got some painting done! I imagine the ranger was doing his “rounds” and ran into the Meremaid. Even knowing how dangerous they are, he let down his guard.

I had to start over on him, because his hand fell off! Lol.


I ordered 2 this time, just in case.

Also, just for good measure, I broke my nippers trying to cut off his giant base. Lol.


This time I decided to drill out his hand. I may put something in his hand, I may try to bend them open? We’ll see. For now, he has a hole.


I’m really happy with his cloak.


The cloak is black green, leaf green, palomino gold, and clear green.


I’m working on figuring out how I want her scales. Alligators have kinda boring scales that are different,so that’s out. I’m trying out some dinosaur-esque coloring. Maybe I’ll start looking at snakes. I welcome any suggestions.

I also went ahead and tried out my new mold. I learned several things, starting with figuring out how to level the base in the mold. I’m also going to make sure I seal the base with 2 costs of PVA and some satin varnish before I pour to reduce bubbles.


Let me know what y’all think


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