Swamp base, almost there!!

I think I’ve completed my foliage!! Check it out!

there’s probably a few little tweaks, but I’m calling that part done for now. Next, I need to excavate the area for my girl, and patch that up.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I owe all of this to Paepercut’s amazing YouTube videos. Go check him out. Seriously.

I also decided to make some little greenstuff creatures. So they’re painted up now. I may attempt a fish or 2, but not yet. I watched a cool video on making them on discs of resin, and that bears attempting.

I also found envirotex lite, and it is ridiculously better than the other stuff!! This picture is with no agitation or work. I just poured and walked away to see what it would do!

Crystal clear! No big bubbles!

Today my attempt will be on a cheap imitation of my final project. I Gabe a lump of air dry clay with my mud mixture and a plant on it that I’m going to pour over to see how it goes. I will probably do it in one large pour to see how this resin does.

Hope TO takes a long nap!!

If you think I could do something else with the basing, let me know!! I love feedback, and have thick skin.


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