Swampy swampy swamp!

I made a big mess!! Lol. I’m covered in paint from head to toe. And my phone is too. Good thing I went outside!!

I bought a Badger airbrush at Reapercon 2 years ago, and I use it very sparingly because I have no clue what I’m doing! But I love it!

Do you think the Great Bearded One will know I was painting? 😂 **innocent face** what airbrush?

Anyways, I did get a lot painted, other than me!

the white mess is glue that is setting around a bunch of green stuff world skulls! I imagine that dock is very busy for her, and she has to stash the proof somewhere. I’m probably going to add some more greenery as I find places for it.

Also, exciting news! I found envirotex lite at my hobby lobby!! They have 3 different resins in 3 different places… And in none of those places do they have a mold release agent. Guess it’s back to Vaseline for me! I’m excited to try it out tonight afte the Tiny Overlord goes to bed.

That’s it for now, let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Swampy swampy swamp!

  1. You might have better luck looking at places that aren’t hobby shops. My localish store started doing fiberglass repair and moved into effects work for the movie industry. They have tons of useful stuff. Arts stores that support college art programs (or better yet industrial design/manufacturing design type programs) would be a good bet too. Or perhaps industrial plastics stores might have a lead too…..

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    1. That’s awesome!! I figured I may need to make a run to Houston here soon anyways. There’s a place there called Texas Art Asylum, and it’s like a fleam market of crafty stuff! I like to go and just dig around. I haven’t been post-baby, so I think it’s about time for a trip!


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