Marineal fights resin: part 1

Well, I wrote a really fun post. And then it got lost in the tubes…. Not sure what’s up with that. Anyways, this post was my first one, posted 2 days ago, about my adventures so far! I will quickly recap. Sorry it’s not the cool one I wrote before. Lol

everything is curing! I bought some silicone molds from Amazon, some resin and clay from hobby lobby, and some plants to get it all swampy.

this is after their bath with a degreaser, but before airbrushing.

I bought the tub of clay OF DOOM because I figured it would be easier to practice sculpting and whatnot with. I have a bit of a green stuff phobia, so I’m trying to cure it with competence. 😉

This is my first attempt using actual sculpting tools on air dry clay. I think it turned out alright for about 5 minutes of playing. I’m going to figure out what I like and roll with it. I’m also going to try letting a piece dry, and then kind of scraping scales into it? Worth a shot. 😁

Hope y’all enjoyed this! There’s another post with my unmoldong progress. And I poured a second block last night. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

I am always open to c&c and advice on these things. If you have a hilarious tale of lessons learned, I’d love to learn from it as well!!


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