Third pour!

cube mold, little bit of color, BIG bubbles on the corners. I’m not sure why it did that!

see? Big bubbles in the corners!

Gonna have to shake it more. I have an idea to put it on the dryer, we’ll try that.

Ugh. Corners!

Please excuse my moving boxes. We moved here 5 months ago, and this is the only room we haven’t completely unpacked. It doesn’t help that I decided to start painting again and have just been pulling stuff out of the boxes. Lol

This is my girl that should become a Mermaid. I’m gonna practice on her, but I’ll order another one for the real entry. She had a huge mold like down her face and arm, and her fingers didn’t cast all the way either. So, I’ll play with her and order a new one in a bit. 😊

I didn’t take pictures of either of them when I started, but this guy had a sword. No longer. Lol. And I bent his arm, so I learned some stuff from that. I’ll end up having to sculpt some fingers on him, so that should be an interesting experiment.

I’m really enjoying working on this. As far as the resin goes, I’m going to pour another one and see if I can’t fight those bubbles by kind of staying near it and popping them as they pop up.

Thanks for following along!


2 thoughts on “Third pour!

  1. I understand that if you have a device that vibrates (massager, or “personal massager”) in contact with the resin mould while it’s setting, it really helps to move the bubbles to the surface.

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