Purple worm WIP 3!

Hey there! This is part 3 of my WIP! it’s been a lot of fun to keep up with this, and I was actually kind of sad last night when I didn’t get any work done on it. Hope this is enjoyable for you too!

So, here’s where I started tonight. I got the gaps in the bottom filled, and started working on the spines. I started at the bottom since I have to base it. Figured if I started there, I’d be able to work on other stuff while they dried.

then I attached his head. Which may seem like no big deal, but I had to do some significant shaving to get the frills to sit flush. I really didn’t want to try and find my green stuff. Lol

stuff on the bottom! I glued down varying bits of rock and bushes and just got the base layer of detritus going. There will be more, but this is the stuff I’ll paint and get set to put everything else on. Since he didn’t fit easily onto his own base, and that didn’t fit easily into a 4 inch base, I needed something to distract. 😉

here he is so far! Basecoated base, all spines painted and shaded, just waiting for highlights. I painted the gums with a mixture of Gothic crimson and leviathan purple which, combined with my dark basecoat, turned out pretty cool! I’ll probably make it wet-ish when I get to finishing touches.

that is a LOT of spikes. 😂

That’s it for now! Like I said, more basing, more highlights, finishing touches and he should be done! Maybe tomorrow? Let me know what you think!


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