Purple worm WIP 4 and completion!

alright! I finished this beaut up! Goods are at the bottom, this is the last of the wip.

This guy has my second layer of basing. The first layer had to dry overnight, so I had to wait. More gravel, sand, and stuff.

Third layer of basing stuff. I find it easier to add layers of stuff. I think it makes it look more natural. I am by no means an accomplished baser, so don’t take my word for it if you have a better way. 😊 And if you do, please share it!!

4th layer. Adding static grass tufts and little bones.

final layer! Maybe someday I’ll go back and do some painting on top of the basing, but Hubs wants to murder pcs with this guy, so he’s gotta go!

Just an FYI, the little bones are from owl pellets that I bought on amazon and took apart. It was pretty fun, and weird, and I have 2 cool little baggies of skulls and mouse bones to show for it!

Here he is! In all his glory! I give you


I hope y’all enjoyed the WIP and the final product! It was fun to try out another big guy. Now I have to figure out what to paint next!

Let me know what you think, and if you have an idea of what I should paint!


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