Wip: purple worm 2

Hey there!

This is where we left off yesterday. I continued to add some lighter spots to the belly, and got to work on highlights.

I decided to bring the yellow back down to a green with clear green. It does a good job of having a lot of pigment without the shine.

First coat on the teeth, some highlights on the purples.

I had to shave the base pretty substantially to get it to fit inside a gargantuan base. And it needed ye Olde clamps.

lots of sarlacc-y teeth.

it fits, so it sits!

Current state! Hopefully I’ll get some more time tomorrow!

Now, I want to ramble a bit. I already gave you the goods, so if you only want pictures, stop reading now. 😂

I had a little bit of an epiphany about my painting style. You see, I’m a lazy painter. That’s why I have four or five bags full of half painted or more than half painted miniatures that aren’t completed. I tend to get bored or want to be done with a miniature, and so I either rush the end or I just put it away and say I’ll come back later. But I never do. I’ve stripped Minis and repainted them several times, I’ve done silly things at the end to ruin a lot of work I’ve put into something because I decided I’m done.

So, you’ll see a lot of incremental changes in this purple worm because I’m working really hard to be present what I’m doing and take the time to do it. When someone talks about using paint that’s thinned down to the consistency of like skim milk or they’ll say it’s like painting with dirty water, usually thats when I tune out. LOL I just don’t see a lot of benefit to spending eight layers of paint on something when I could just do one. But that’s what I’m trying to change. I want to make my transition smoother, I want to work on getting all the values out of the colors that I’m using. If I had a New Year’s resolution as far as painting went it would be to take the time, and put in the effort to make the miniature look like I want it to look.

I know it all takes practice.

I know it all takes work. I need to put that practice and that work in so that I can be happy with my finished results.

So, that’s the plan. And that is why I’m doing WIP threads to try and keep myself accountable. I hope they’re enjoyable for y’all, and that they help me.

I am always happy to receive comments and critiques, as they’re the only way to get better! I’m also happy to answer any questions!


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