Day 7

Ah! I lost 3 whole days! 

Tuesday : work was brutal. Fell asleep on the couch in my death clothes. 

Wednesday:  work was rough, and I went to visit my friend and take her food. Ended up staying late, didn’t get homework done. 

Thursday: I worked, stayed over a few hours so everyone could go to the viewing. Had to do homework that was left over from Wednesday.

Then today was the funeral. I thought today was day 6, so I’d have plenty of time to paint today and tomorrow. Then I realized that the day I started prepping counted as day 1. 

So, it appears that I am at the 7 calendar days today. Which, I believe, is the point of the challenge. So, I am going to finish it today, and count it as complete in 4 days. 

I’m fairly upset about my planning on this. I have 6 days off starting today, so I should have just waited. The plan now is to finish the challenge today, by midnight, and count it as done. Then I will work on it more later to bring it to a standard I’m happy with for a display piece. 

Update to follow with pictures and (probable) tears. Lol

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