Ma’aldrakar day 2

Whew! I worked on this guy for a while today! Got the basecoat down on everything but the wings.  This is where I started this morning. Red liner on the entire body, and walnut brown on the nails. 

He’s too big for my light box… Gonna have to work something out when he’s done! This shot was so you can see the difference between the red liner and the big top red. It’s my favorite red. ☺️the belly scales are pumpkin orange, and I plan on taking them up to saffron sunset, and maybe a step higher. 

Necks dry fit on, they’re basecoated. The black and green heads are reversed in their order, but I thought it was more important to have the style match than the order. And the one with all the horns is obviously the black one. 

Also, I hate the middle chest area. It doesn’t work as yellow. I may have to change it back to red, or figure soemthing else out. Suggestions? 

Ugh! The wings are so huge!! Lol. The whole, ” you don’t have to prime bones” thing is a bit of an untruth. You don’t have to prime them, but if you don’t put a liner or something on them you better prepare for some pain. The material is somewhat hydrophobic. So, with my size 1 brush, I have to brush on red liner, then big top red. It is gonna take a bit. 😉

Here he is, test fit and ready to go! All basecoated but the wings, just needs some highlighting, shading, and final touches! It’s going well! 

What do you think? 

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