Status update! 

Alright, I’m currently eating in the bathtub (aka: multitasking) and updating. I only have a little left to do, and I think my midnight deadline is still doable! 

Dry brushing always gets me. Lol. Although this is much more colorful than normal!

Blue Head is done! May do a little detail work on his horns if time allows…  Red head is done except for horns. Probably Going light.

Green is done. 

Need to do body highlighting and shading, finish wings, and attach those and his other arm. Then done! 

Black head is done. Love the purply black. 

White head is done. Eyes are painted like a little albino girl’s that I used to babysit. Reddish, purply. 

Another view of the behemoth. 

The wings are painted on one side, I need to do the underside. That’s the last big space I need to do, then all the highlighting and shading. Probably Going to be a lot of drybrushing. Hope Y’all are enjoying this!


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