Ma’aldrakar day 1

Got started on Ms.thing today! I seriously love this bigature. I am not sure yet if this one will be the one I do my 5 heads in 7 days challenge on or not, but I’m following all the rules, just in case. So, if I get her done, this is day 1. After 2 hours of cleaning mold lines and making a giant mess, I’m here! Her tail has been double pinned and green stuffed, to make sure it is super super sturdy since it is the third attachment point to the base. 

 I didn’t feel the need to do the same to the leg, because the weight of the heads, wings, and rest of the body should hold it in place. 
My big accomplishment tonight is that I got the rocks done! I used only a size 0 brush, and I had a great time getting all this texture. I’ll probably add a bunch of flocking and ivy and stuff later, but I gotta start somewhere! 

I used the new stone wash, green liner, sepia wash and liner, and my normal mixture of grey and blue liner all mixed up to get the base colors. 

Then I took some armor grey, concrete grey, moldy skin, and shadow grey and blobbed them on top of the other liner colors. These colors were used in a much more dry manner, and I mixed them all up so it didn’t end up as distinctive blobs of one particular color. 

this is my end result! I am thinking about picking out the eyes on the Dragon columns as broken gems or Something. We’ll see if I have the time / inclination. But I think they look really cool, and it didn’t take a ton of time! I’m hoping to get let some more painting done tomorrow after work. Then I have all day Monday off to work on it (after I finish my homework. 😉). 

On a more sober note, I had a friend who lost her 3 year old today. Please hug your babies and send your positive vibes and prayers up for her and her family. 

I’ll be back with an update when I get some more painting done! 

One thought on “Ma’aldrakar day 1

  1. Awful news about your friends loss, a parents worse nightmare. My thoughts are with them.

    I’m looking forward to seeing this Ma’aldrakar finished!


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