PBones 3!!!

I got them! I got them!!!!!

Of course, I got them the week my master’s program starts, lol… but I got them!

I have to say that I am 100% blown away! The mixture is perfect, they are neither too hard, nor too soft. They have detail in all the right places. They have some fantastic new sculpts. I HAVE 2 MA’ALDRAKARS!

Overall, I give them a solid 100%.

Now, onto the reason you’re really here. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?


Yes, I did get a giant, 28 lb box.


This is what was inside it! I stood the separate minis up, the ones that have multiple parts are still in their bags so as not to lose small, innocent pieces. 20170524_180902

Look at all it’s glory! So amazing. I ended up getting 2 Ma’als and 2 sets of the graveyard terrain because I can. 😉 One Ma’al is for me, one is for the 5 heads, 7 days challenge.

On that note, here’s a banana for scale on how gigantic Ma’al really is! This mini is gonna be no joke to paint with no time limit, and I have some serious concerns about doing it in 7 days. But we’ll see. There are several joints (see: most) that are going to need some fairly serious green-stuffing to make them even close to closed.

So, now that you got what you want, this is what else I did today.

I had to clear out some space for all these new minis! So I got rid of a bunch of stuff, and finally got my entire line of Minitaire paints put away! I gave away terrain, and minis, and old/new paints, and just about anything else you can think of hanging out in a crafting room that you may have 5 of.

20170524_132319Then I finally finished painting the terrain from DDS2 (heh..heh…) to make room for my mystic circle with this lucky cat, My Widdle Brudder. He was also the lucky recipient of all my discards.


After work, the Hubs got to sit down and play with the new stuff with me, and we had a great time setting up a home for the graveyard golem. 🙂 This was taken right before he giggled with glee at imagining killing us all with the Froghemoth.

I am so excited to have these Bones, and I sincerely hope this will help motivate me to paint more, and find more time to play with the skills I have.

Let me know what you think! I see y’all lurking, leave me a comment now and then!!!



One thought on “PBones 3!!!

  1. Since you asked . . . The Hub’s beard seems to get longer with every pic. I’m glad to hear that he’s making the journey with you to ReaperCon this year. He sculpts, you paint. Sounds like a power crafting couple. I managed to talk a coworker into joining me this year. She’s never painted a mini before, but is super excited. I may try to get her a LTPK Core Skills set to practice a bit before taking any classes. My Bones 3 box is still in unopened condition. I need to do a little tidying up in the craft room before breaking into it.


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