Wow… Hey there!

Hey everyone!!

It’s sure been a while.. I’ve been super busy with my BSN, working, and just life, I haven’t been painting a lot lately. Really since Reapercon, I haven’t really had time.

So I’ve had a lot going on. Lemme do a quick recap!

I got fulfillment of 2 of my kickstarters I backed: Organ Attack and Rum and Bones 2. They are both fantastic. And I just received the second shipment of RB with all the 20 minis extra. They’re pretty cool!


Then I had a day off and knocked all these guys out in February. The last girl is still a WIP, but it was more painting than I had done in months. So I was excited! But then life struck again, and my paint desk once again laid fallow.

Then in March I got a Cricut. It’s the most amazing thing ever. I can make anything with it. Here are just a very few examples of things I’ve done with this amazing piece of magic.


Also, it is making me some money!!! So, I went from painting minis that take between 1-40 hours each, not (ever, seriously) making any money off of them to having something that I can make and cut within 10 minutes to make between $5 and $40 on. It was distracting, but the new has worn off some. Now I just keep thinking of how I can cut plasticard with it!!!! Mwahahaha!

Anyways, some more life happened. and I found myself at the Hub’s best friend’s house. which is literally a mile from the Reaper Store. So, every time we go see him, I always make a stop. And when I got there it was Paint Club Day!!!! So, I bought a buncha minis, and went and painted for the first time in over a month. With the bin o’ brushes and a styrofoam plate, met some random strangers, and it was amazing!

I bought a mini I’ve been wanting for a while, but couldn’t really justify since I have several 20s worth of minis that I have forgotten about, much less the ones I want to paint, but I figured oh well!

Isn’t he totes adorbs?! I only got to paint for about an hour before I needed to go back to the house, but it was magical! Then, on the drive home, the Hubs starts talking about how he is definitely coming to Reapercon again with me this year, and he wants to take a sculpting class… HE WANTS TO TAKE A SCULPTING CLASS!!! I AM SO EXCITED! He is actually the one that gave me my first mini and all the paints and brushes to get started, and is a pretty good painter himself, but his hands shake and he gets frustrated. But he missed Reapercon last year, and was very upset about it.

So, my love and joy at painting was rekindled. And Silver Medal, I’m coming for you next year. I missed you by an inch last year, and it’s not happening again. I started on one of my Sophies today, and I’m gonna knock her out of the park, read my reference material, and post on here more. I’m determined.

Y’all better keep me honest. If you see I haven’t posted, heckle me or something. I wanna get better and the only way to do that is to buckle down. Till next time,



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