Hey there! Long time no see! 

Someday, I understand, life will slow down.. Today was a taste of that. 

Yesterday was my 30th birthday! I worked a trauma drill that was tons of fun, I got cake and my favorite food from my work family, and I got flowers and dinner and a movie with my favorite boys. The best present, bar none, was that the Hubs cleaned the house for me! I came home to a spotless house, which meant I didn’t have to clean it today on my day off! Add to that the fact that I got almost all of my homework done for the week already meant I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted. 

It was marvelous. 

I got a mani/pedi, and then I decided to make my own goblin challenge. If you’re not familiar with the reaper forums, let me give you a quick run down. You pick a big mini, and commit to using nothing larger than a size zero brush. Then there’s a time limit. So, I picked Mashaaf, and I decided to get it done today before I went to bed. I never get a lot of days off in a row to paint, so it was now or never. And let me tell you, it was fun! 

The whole thread is here if you want to see WIP shots. But the long and the short if it is that I started at 0830, took a break (for the aforementioned mani/pedi) from 0900-1030, and called him done at 1830. I think he turned out amazing. 

Lookit that gross face! I loved this model the moment I saw him, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to paint him! 

I decided to do lots of shiny eyes and gross stringy things on him, so he looks all grubby. 

His bone arm things look like they’d take a chunk out of you! 

 Gross back that looks like a lava floe. I wanted him to look like he could just lay down and you might lose him in the rocks. 

The little green things are (failed) attempts at using my tentacle roller. They’re covering the pins I had to use to keep him flat on the base. 

He has these things on his side that looked like they should ooze. So now they do! 

If I wanted to do more than just speed paint him, the only thing I would do differently is make a better base for him. Either sculpt some rocks or do something else with him. But I’m very happy with how he turned out! 

What do you think? 

One thought on “Mashaaf

  1. Getting caught up on your blog since before Reapercon (nice meeting you in person, btw). The eyes on your Scale 75 octopi are out-of-this-world good! So much expression. The one in the diver’s helmet reminds me of Marvin the Martian.

    Congratulations on your bronze medals. Your demon scribe model turned out to be a popular one at the Con this year, and I loved the little details you put into the scene. Your necromancer was also well done with a clear story.

    Mashaaf is a good use of the goo technique. I’m going to have to look into that. Hopefully, the class is offered again at a future con. I can speak to Michael Proctor’s advanced basing class. It’s good. I still have ideas swirling in the back of my mind on how I’m going to use the base I built in that class two years ago. One of these days . . .

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