My phone ate my post!! 

I made a long, in-depth post the other day!! And my phone ate it! So, you’re getting a shorter, sadder one! Lol

I started working on some other stuff for reapercon! It’s like a month away! Aah! 

What am I putting on this beautiful base, you ask? Why, these!! 

I am so excited about my zombie cheerleaders! Yay!! 

I also got some new goodies in! Some plinths and some greenstuff rollers! And some leaf punches, and a tentacley roller, and some skulls! I love them! 

They were super easy to use. I’m getting more. Like, probably tonight I’ll order more. 

I have 10 days now before my next nursing semester starts, so I’m hoping to get a bit of painting done! I still have my darksword piece to finish, a reaper piece to start/finish, and the zombie cheerleaders to paint! After I get all that done , I might do more. We’ll see what I have time for! 

Let me know what you think!! 

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