• Glue! I glued it down! It’s done! This is my first reapercon entry for this year. Bartholomew in his study. I haven’t decided what to name it yet… But it will probably have something  to do with Morte sitting over there, or scary stories demons read. Like, Children’s Tales could mean soemthing completely different to demons! 
  • Anyways, I have bullets this time for some reason, ans I’m too tired to fix them. I also need to get my focus depth right on my camera…. Grumble grumble.. 
  • Oh well! I’m excited to have something done. Onto my other 7 ideas!! 


5 thoughts on “Glue! 

    1. Thanks! I kept putting the skull in, and taking him out. I couldn’t decide if I liked him, but I’m happy with my decision! I can’t wait to take him to reapercon! You’re coming this year, yes?


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