Guys! I got it! I love it! I want to magnetize everything I own and put it in there!! (This is the TL;DR review.)
On a more serious note, I thought I’d walk through my thoughts of the process and my impression of the actual product. ☺
First things first, this thinf is beautiful. They did a fantastic job of making a sturdy, appealing case. I love the display front and the clasps are seriously heavy duty. I had a little trouble when ordering because I couldn’t figure out how many trays I needed. So, each tray holds 3 of the single magnetizing trays, or a double tray and a single tray. Makes sense now, couldn’t figure it out then. ☺ I would have liked to have bought a second drawer but I couldn’t find an option for that. The drawer is big enough for a spiral or a codex and some pens, and some other stuff.
The movement trays are nice, but they do not come assembled. So I had to take a little time to bend the sheet metal a bit to get it to make full contact with the plastic and then glue it down to the plastic trays. That’s not a terrible thing but I felt like it could have just as easily been done at the shop. I really do like the modular aspect of being able to buy a bunch of different trays for whatever. I like being able to do anything!


I think it would have been a cool option to be able to have my name engraved on the top. I understand that’s a whole additional process, just saying. I will get some decals made so that I can differentiate cases easily.
It has a really nice weight to it. Im not a big person, so I didn’t want anything gigantic, but I wanted soemthing larger than the mini case. This really has worked well as a middle ground.


This is your scale picture. That’s a full sized office chair, and it fits snugly. I am a little concerned about the display front getting scratched, but such is life.
I bought some of the magnets as well and stuck one 1/8″ magnet to the bottom of a skelly to see how much work was required to remove it from the plate. I looked like a total idiot swinging the tray around, and finally succeeded in removing it. Success!! But seriously, it took a whole lot more effort than I should have to worry about barring a rollover accident. 😉 so for a light, med mini I’m gonna use 1 magnet, and then scale up from there.
So, I love it! I’ll update if something changes, but that’s my review! Let me know if you have any questions!


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