Omg. I love this girl. I have always liked this sculpt, but never enough to actually buy her. I’m not sure why. However, I received her (unpainted) as part of my secret sophie gift, so I finally got to paint her!
I shamelessly copied Anne’s color scheme, because it didn’t need fixing. Let me know what you think!






She is really a fantastic mini. I think the colors really pop.  She’s my Ice Princess Pocahontas!
I wanted the basing to feel like a clips spring day. Like the last snow is melting away. You’ll have to forgive this Texan’s idea of what a spring day with snow looks like. 😉
More soon!!


4 thoughts on “Svetlana!

  1. I really like how you made this pop. It is a very characterful model I have been on the fence about too. I really like the flocking effect. But I would say it is more fall than spring: small patches of dusty snow are more likely in fall and the ground is always muddier in spring.

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