Dark sword fiddler

Hey! We went out of town on Friday, and just got home today! We had so much fun! We went up to Austin to do the Sherwood forest Faire, and we did a bunch of other stuff while we were there. It was so much fun to have nothing that we HAD to do. We went and looked at a really cool Graveyard. This is my favorite picture from that.


It’s called Fairview cemetery, and most of the plots are up on a hill, overlooking a beautiful area. We also stopped at Bastrop state Park. It was super cool to see how life repairs itself. 5 years ago, we had a forest fire that was record breaking for Texas,  and the land is totally still scarred from it. But it was cool to see all the new growth and how beautiful it still is! It’s also connected to Buescher state Park by a cool little windy road.




Yep. Anyways, today when I got home I painted something! I intended for her to be my Spring Exchange partner’s new mini, but after the Hubs saw it she wasn’t going anywhere. Lol.





I love the purple to red transition. I’ve been working really hard on smooth transitions and still doing appropriate highlighting. I also went ahead and did the wings upside down. I think Jessica Rich was right, they balance out better that way. Let me know what you think!!


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