WIP : urban legend Sophie

Hey guys! I’ve been working a bit, so all I have to show is some WIP pics. I got the amazing urban legend sophie, sculpted by the fantastic Werner Klocke. Finally! She’s been on my wish list for forever. (I also have a fair bit done on my kraken too, but more on him later.)
She has always been one of my favorite sculpts, and she’s a bigun! She’s my skin tone challenge right now. Let me hear what you think!






Isn’t she amazing?! She’s gonna look so cool when I’m done with her! She even has finger and toe nails, and those little wrinkles on her toes! I just love her. I’m going for a different texture in her wings, once they’re shaded like I like I’m going to add in highlights too. Her skin needs a fair amount of work, but she doesn’t look bad for about 3 hours of work (not counting prep time,  of course).  Anyways, I’m gonna head to bed soon, so there probably won’t be any more progress on her until I’m off this weekend. Hope Y’all enjoy her!


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