I have had a lot of free time for the holidays, so I’ve managed to paint 8 minis in 9 days. It’s been a whirlwind!
I finished up one of the Christmas familiars, and a pack donkey for d&d. They’re super cute sculpts, and I really enjoyed painting them!


He’s got a little scarf! And he looks like a puppy! He’s supposed to be on a rug, but it’s been brought to my attention that it looks like a Pringle. Lol.




He’s a cute little pack donkey, isn’t he? He had 2 different giant books on him, so I assume he’s a wizard’s pack donkey. I love the fact that shadowed stone is the perfect donkey color!
I hope y’all enjoy them! I’m about to do a whole bunch of shifts for the end of the year,  so I doubt I’ll have more time to paint until 2016. Hope you and yours have a happy holiday, and be safe!


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