The Midget’s Warlock

I got some time to work on some things this weekend! I managed to get a 3 day weekend off with the Hubs and the Midget, so I started on his warlock. We started a 5th edition game, and he wanted a warlock that gets his powers from the Great Old Ones. The boy loves him some Lovecraft. I’m not sure if that means we’re doing it right or not.. lol

So, he wanted red robes, and I started doing that all “Ben Komets” style with the red and black

20150905_215840 20150905_215846

It worked, but it needed a LOT more blending, and it was missing something. I sat and stared, and thought about it, and I realized what a warlock that worships the old ones should have… TENTACLES!

I did a little google-fu, steered clear of all THOSE pictures, and ended up with this!

20150906_003604 20150906_003556

I think it is going to make his little 11 year old day. This is as far as I’m gonna get on him tonight, but he’s good enough for the table, and since I sealed the tentacles, I can finish the rest later. 🙂 What do you think?

I’m working on a bunch of dragonclaws, but they’re no fun. So they didn’t get a photoshoot. We do have a monk that’s gonna be in the game tomorrow, this is where he’ll be at. He kind of looks like an old lady, but oh well… lol.

20150904_224613 20150904_224620

I definitely like the scalecolor flesh tones though. They are really amazingly transparent, and layer so easily. Seeing as that’s the thing I have the worst time with, it’s been a fantastic find for me. 20150906_004749 20150906_004805

On the subject of skin, I also did some more work on my cave troll. I am serious. These paints are amazing. I’m going to have to buy more. I love the way he’s turning out.

Anyways, should have some more time tomorrow night after D&D, can’t wait to see what the Midget thinks about the robes!!!! Have a good one, stay safe during Labor Day!


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