Finished my exchange!!


My partner is on the forums, and he has a blog, so I’m only posting the finished pics here until he receives them. I hope he loves her!! I really enjoyed painting this mini, and this is the most scratch-building I’ve ever done. It was a really cool experience.. I learned a LOT!

So, I present to you Jo, the steampunk Hunter!IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0804 IMG_0802

I think her little dilapidated saloon works well. And I got to use my Hangar18 backdrops that I love so much!!!

I made her removable from the base so my partner could use her in a game if he was so inclined. That was not as difficult as I thought it would be actually!

I decided to stop worrying about every little thing and send her on. She’s a really cool snapshot of where I’m at right now, and then I can focus my attentions on shipping her…

… Now I have heartburn.. I need MOAR BUBBLEWRAP!!


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