Baleful Realmgates!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited about these things.


When they first came out, I was excited about them, and I knew I needed them. And then I told the Hubs. And then I needed them again. And then we went to a GW store for the Midget, and then I GOT THEM!! And then I realized, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!!!!! So my plan is to paint one for our tabletop (why not, right?) for practice, and paint one up as part of a diorama for Reapercon. Lord knows I’ve got plenty of time!

Anyways, that was super exciting. I’m sill working on weathering it a little bit more with my files and whatnot.

I got some work done on my cave troll’s skin and armor. I’m really enjoying the scale75 paints, and I am resisting the urge to buy more… yet…


We are having family paint night every Tuesday since the Midget wants to play Necrons. We told him that if he wants to play WH40K, we’ll pay for it and take him to places, but he has to paint everything. He already has immortals, a necron Lord, a ship-thingy, and some other mooks, so he should be set for a while. When we were at the GW store, we picked up some cards, his Codex, and a few other things to help him on his way, but he has to paint them! I assemble them (since there’s lots of little fiddly parts), and off he goes. So, hopefully I’ll have more to show for myself here soon.. I also have tomorrow off, so there should be some time then!

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Sorry I haven’t been as available!


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