Kickstarters abound!

I have to stay off that site!!!!

I found a new one today to surprise the Hubs with here. It’s a module done by Gary Gygax Jr, and it looks like a lot of fun! I’m just excited to have found something he doesn’t know about!!! Mwahahahaha!

On a miniature painting note, I found 2 whole boxes of my old painting stuff when I was cleaning out the attic! I found a GIANT (I mean giant, it’s like 15×20 inches) wet palette and the sponges and paper to go with it. I plan on cutting the sponges and paper down to size to use in my wet palette that I normally use, and maybe magnetizing the bottom of the box if it’s tall enough to hold minis. We had to reinforce the cabinets holding all the minis yesterday as the molly bolt holding the cabinet against the wall gave up the ghost… So we put 2 more in and shimmed (shimmied) the bottoms to prevent that from happening again!

I am excited (nauseated) to announce that between the 3 kickstarters I have backed this year, I am expecting a little over 350 minis to come in… heh… heh… DO NOT TELL THE HUBS!

I might need a secret hiding place for these minis, as I’m not certain they’ll fit in the 6 drawer complex I already have next to my desk! We did get new monitor mounts though, so I have a little more room to work without monitor stands on the desk. I may have to actually buy another rack from TGJ to round out the desk.

This is the current setup. It’s working well, I just get a little crowded sometimes. Because I have poor organization sometimes. I just want to be able to see everything I’m working on! Anyways, go check out that KS, and I’ll keep ya’ll updated if I’m looking for a new house to store all my painting stuff. hah!


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