Easy Life!! Slow down!!!

Seriously, it’s like a whirlwind over here! Drive an hour, work 12 hours, then drive an hour home, cook something (or just eat something) walk the dogs, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.

That is my life. I haven’t touched a mini yet this week, so I have to report on progress I made last week that I hadn’t posted. I painted all day Friday, and then I was sore for 2 days… Gotta adjust my chair for more ergonomics… Anyways, I finished up the dragonman-thing for HOTDQ.. He’s not my best work, and that’s why I didn’t really post him anywhere. But, he’ll work, so I’m calling him done.

wpid-20150728_202630.jpg wpid-20150728_202634.jpgNext on the list was one of the ‘named’ chicks. She is some big fancy person because she gets to wear purple. 🙂 Anyways, I’m really working on getting my cloth and contrast down, so I worked hard on her. I think she turned out as good as she’s gonna get on the dress. I even did the whole ‘take a black and white picture to see the contrast’ and it really helped a lot! I like her. I have to finish her hair, face, and front, but she’s at least got some progress done.

wpid-20150727_223907.jpgwpid-20150727_222519.jpgwpid-20150728_202351.jpg wpid-20150728_202120.jpg

Yep! So that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far! I used one of my jokers to buy some amazing bases from here. They’re fairly affordable, and pretty cool. I can’t wait to see them in person. I also ordered some instant mold stuff to try my hand at sculpting and casting some of my own bases to save time. Right now I’m basing as an afterthought, and I want to be more proactive.

Anyways, that’s my excitement! I am hoping to get some painting done on Friday if I can get to it. I still have a LOT to paint before we can start this module!!!! I had to rearrange the bookcase in the living room, because I have 20 minis in there now. 🙂 I keep meaning to take pictures of it, I’ll try to get to those here soon. Y’all be good… try to stay out of trouble.


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