Day 1 speed paint done!

Alrighty! After a break, a costume change, and some freehand basing, they’re done! 7 cultists up for your viewing pleasure.


I really like the way the bases turned out. Hubs wanted them to be on stone, but I had already stuck them to the bases. So the only and we was to paint it. He also wanted them to be more iconic cultists, so I did a quick costume change.


So,  they’re done. I could have shaved a lot of time off if I had asked about colors before I just went nuts… Oh well tho. Tomorrow I’ll work on some of the other guys I have to get finished up. (I already checked on their colors.. Lol)
Hope y’all like them! All told, about 8 hours for 7 minis isn’t terrible.
Until then!


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