WIP: Frulam Mondath

Alright, I worked on her some more last night. I decided I was just gonna go home and paint NO MATTER WHAT!! The Hubs and the Midget were awesome and made dinner, so I came home, ate, and painted. It was marvelous. Also, we watched the new Wet, Hot, American Summer. It is just my brand of stupid-funny. 🙂

So, I’m using this as inspiration, not attempting to match it perfectly, but this is Frulam Mondath, a wearer of purple.

frulamShe’s a bad chica. So I think I’ll add more gold to the mini, and maybe redo the freehand on her bodice. I don’t really like it anyways.

wpid-20150808_213228.jpg wpid-20150808_213224.jpg wpid-20150808_213220.jpg wpid-20150808_213212.jpg wpid-20150808_213157.jpgAlso, I’ll change her from a blonde to a brunette. The really important part was to have her wearing purple and holding a halberd-y thing. She is fun, but I have the other 3 hordes of minis to paint hanging over my head…. bleh.

Once she’s done, I’ve got the cultist guards(9), the elite cultists (3), the urds (6), and the dragonclaws (9) to finish. Then a few ‘named’ characters that need to be finished.

By next Sunday.


I work till Tuesday, off Wednesday for our 9th anniversary daytrip (should be AMAZING!!!), then work Thursday, off till Tuesday. So, I have to get a lot of painting done after work each day this week, and then A LOT done on Friday and Saturday to hope to have them ready for the tabletop.

On another note, I ordered a fitbit to help count my steps and exercise and sleep patterns. I’ve been working really hard to change my ER nurse diet from cigarettes, donuts, fried lunch, afternoon ice cream/Starbucks runs, and dinner fried grabbed on the way home. It definitely hasn’t been the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m 3 weeks into the diet, and a week out of smoking, and I’m making it! Down 7 lbs, and I wanna be down some more, so I’m gonna start walking/running with the dogs and the Hubs in the evening. Should be totally exciting.

Sorry my summers are so crazy, I hope I’ll do a better job of having more painting to display, and more frequent updates here soon. I work a lot more during the summer because everyone else wants to go on vacation, so I get to work 4 and 5 day weeks and make ALL THE OVERTIME!! Mwahaha!

Lastly, they changed the dates for Reapercon next year from March 2016 to October 2016. While this gives me more time to prepare (and find more amazing graveyards to take pictures of), it does fall right in the middle of Renfest season. The saving grace (for me) is that it is the week of the local county fair. Since the Hubs is on the cookoff team for that whole week anyways, we never go to Renfest that week. So, I can go up to Dallas and do Reapercon while he stays here and does the cook-off. I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to go, so I’m excited!


4 thoughts on “WIP: Frulam Mondath

  1. Ugh, there is so much bad food hanging around the hospital. I managed to stop myself from eating junk food for a week and dropped like 4 pounds. The problem is when you hit a sugar low and you are slightly bored it’s easy to start bingeing.

    I really like the purples on the dress. Nice build up of colour. The eyes are fantastic. The lighting makes it hard to tell about the skin tone(s)…I think it is washing out the highlights that are there.

    I’d agree the blond hair doesn’t quite cut it. I have a hell of a time with hair, I was staring at peoples hair for a while trying to decide what real hair coloration looks like. I think you need to highlight with your final desired colour, and use base coats of something darker. The ‘something’ is hard to choose. I think typically (at least for me) base coating is done in the desired colour, and the highlights are whatever is lighter and an effect/afterthought.

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    1. I agree. And we’re a standalone ER until they finish our hospital, so we have to go out to eat every day. Or remember to pack a lunch at 0430. heh.
      I got her hair the way I like it now. I’ve gotta get more pictures up today some time.
      Thanks for the support and suggestions!


  2. Great work on the lifestyle change. It is one of the hardest things to do. Keep it up. I like the work with the mage to halberdier. Have you considered trying a conversion? A quick lop and pinned on sword blade will give a halberd with minimal fuss.

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    1. Thanks! I’m gonna make it happen. Fosho.
      The crystal thing on top of the staff is actually turning out to look pretty blade-ish. I finished her up tonight, so I’ll have new pics tomorrow. If she was going to be a recurring npc, I would worry more.


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